8 Common Mistakes Made When Brushing Your Teeth
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NEWMARKET, Ontario - CuisineWire -- Brushing our teeth is a task that we all carry out at least twice a day. With a simple action of applying some toothpaste on your toothbrush and moving it around, how hard can it be? Considering the notion that 'Practice Makes Perfect', we would all like to think of ourselves as experts when it comes to brushing our teeth but, unfortunately, many of us make mistakes in carrying out this first task of the day. Done incorrectly and this can lead to embarrassing bad breath with unsightly and unhealthy teeth. But, don't you worry, because in this article you can now be rightly guided and say no to bad brushing habits.

Consider the Shelf Life of Your Toothbrush

In brushing our teeth, the brush is exposed to daily damages, thus, weakening its bristles. On average, a toothbrush is supposed to be used for up to 2 months or lasts for 200 uses. So, change your brush regularly.

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Tick Tock

Although time is always an issue in the morning and we usually rush down brushing our teeth, this can leave our teeth in a bad state. As such, brushing is recommended for a minimum of 2 minutes.

Rinsing Away Your Work

We all have this habit to rinse our mouths as soon as we finish brush, but, have you ever thought that we may be washing away the paste that we now applied? Of course you can spit out the extra paste, but by washing our…

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