Currency Hub LLC Offers Free Bitcoin Payment Processing With BTCpay
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SHERIDAN, Wyo. - CuisineWire -- Currency Hub LLC, a prominent player in the digital currency space, has announced that it is now offering free Bitcoin payment processing to its customers through BTCpay servers, which they host and manage. This innovative move aims to encourage the adoption of Bitcoin as a widespread payment method and enhance the seamless integration of this pioneering digital currency into everyday business transactions.
"The adoption of Bitcoin as a mainstream payment method is still in its infancy. By offering free Bitcoin payment processing, we're breaking down the barriers for businesses and consumers, alike, to embrace this decentralized currency," said Brad Spannbauer, CEO of Currency Hub LLC. "It's our commitment to contribute to a more decentralized financial system, and what better way than making it effortless for businesses to accept Bitcoin?"

About BTCpay Project:

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BTCpay Server is an open-source payment processor that allows merchants to receive payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with no fees, no middlemen, and increased privacy and security. Launched with a mission to bring trustless, peer-to-peer Bitcoin transactions directly to the forefront of business operations, BTCpay has seen significant adoption, backed by a vibrant and enthusiastic community of developers and users.
The project, born out of a need for an alternative to centralized payment processors, has blossomed into an ecosystem of tools and services that expand far beyond just processing payments. From crowdfunding platforms to Point of Sale apps and even e-commerce integrations, BTCpay is paving the way for Bitcoin's broader acceptance in the commercial realm.
Why Choose BTCpay through Currency Hub?
  • Cost-Effective: There are absolutely no merchant fees for processing Bitcoin transactions.
  • Secure: By leveraging BTCpay, merchants can receive direct peer-to-peer transactions without relying on third-party trust.
  • Privacy-Centric: Customer data remains confidential, enhancing trust and security.
  • Fully Managed: Currency Hub handles the backend, ensuring smooth operations and minimized downtime.
  • Promotes Bitcoin Adoption: Use of Bitcoin as a standard payment method is an inevitable future, and this is a stepping stone towards that.

Currency Hub LLC's offering stands out in the crypto-payment domain, especially for businesses looking to explore Bitcoin payment integration without the technical hassles or financial burdens.

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For more information or to start using Currency Hub's free Bitcoin payment processing service, visit

About Currency Hub LLC:
Established in2018, Currency Hub LLC is a leading digital currency solutions provider. Committed to fostering the growth and acceptance of digital currencies, Currency Hub is at the forefront of innovations, offering cutting-edge solutions for both businesses and consumers in the digital age.

Brad Spannbauer

Source: Currency Hub LLC

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