Fred Nassiri Relaunches "Love Sees No Colour"
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A Global Anthem of Unity and Love Featuring Children from 19 Countries

LAS VEGAS - CuisineWire -- Fred Nassiri, the renowned visionary, proudly announces the relaunch of his passion project, "Love Sees No Colour." This transcendent anthem, filled with a message of unity and love, has garnered widespread acclaim since its initial release. Now, with a global reimagining, the song has been amplified to reach new heights of inspiration and impact.

Fashion magnate and real estate mogul turned enlightened musician, Nassiri's commitment to fostering global harmony is embodied in this musical collaboration. One of Nassiri's most famous songs, his birthday song to Nelson Mandela, was sung in South Africa for  Mandela's 88th birthday.

The song, "Love Sees No Colour," is a testament to the idea that love knows no boundaries and that the shared experiences of children worldwide can create a harmonious melody that resonates with people from all walks of life.  In the wake of the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine, Nassiri especially wanted to show that children in Israel and Palestine worked with children from around the world, showing love while singing for peace.

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The artist's dedication to spreading this message is exemplified by the diverse cast of children involved in the project. Representing 19 different countries, these young voices come together to create a powerful symphony that transcends cultural and geographical barriers. Speaking on the project's evolution, Nassiri remarked, "The dedication of these children and the message they carry in their voices are a testament to the fact that love knows no boundaries. It's an honor to see this vision come to life through their collective spirit."

The relaunch of "Love Sees No Colour" is set to reignite the message of love and unity while celebrating diversity.

More about Fred  Nassiri ​​Having immigrated to the United States as a child, Fred Nassiri had incredible drive, passion, and work ethic. His successful business ventures as a fashion magnate and real estate mogul were noticed around the world. His company, Nassiri Inc., was to become one of the top wholesalers of brand-name apparel in the country.

Nassiri subsequently set out on a search for enlightenment; a pursuit of life's meaning through meditation, prayer, and self-discipline. He sought out master gurus, spiritual teachers and philosophers from around the world. He studied Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Sufism, Kabbalah, and other philosophies. He isolated himself in the mountains for over 40 days in an effort to reconnect with the universe, with nature, with God, and with himself.

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Nassiri soon found the best way to express his lessons was through music. Sharing love and goodwill through the vibrations of music became a life mission for Nassiri; one he continues to pursue, as well as inspire others to pursue, to this day.

View "Love Sees No Colour" on YouTube HERE. You can read more about Fred Nassiri at

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