LATU: Hollywood Tenants to call out a Developer and their Bad Actor Lawyer
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LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Tenants of the Yucca-Argyle Tenant Association and members of the Los Angeles Tenants Union are gathering together to keep residents from being displaced into homelessness by a proposed project. For three years, the developer has promised to draft a contract with the tenants guaranteeing a right of return, and for six years they have failed to actually create an agreement. The Los Angeles City Planning Commission has stepped up to the plate to address the flow of people into homelessness by requiring a proposed development to have a right of return for existing tenants, as well as pay the difference in rent during construction. They want to see a city-wide plan to address homelessness that actually has some impact. The Los Angeles Tenants Union has filed an appeal to ask the Los Angeles City Council to strengthen this condition. Tenant activists have had enough of what they believe to be false promises about being willing to work with tenants made by developer Jerry Neuman and lawyer Kendra Casper of DLA Piper.

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NOTE: COVID-19 protocols enforced, physical distancing and mask required

WHAT: Los Angeles Tenants Protest Against Impending Homelessness
  Tenants call on city leadership to do the right thing. Hear our grievances against a bad actor who has evicted residents at Christmas on two other projects. The city needs to make sure that we stop the flow of homelessness just so that developers can get higher profits.
WHEN: Saturday, November 21, 2020 - 12:30 p.m.
WHO: Members of Yucca-Argyle Tenant Association and LATU
WHERE: Intersection of Yucca and Argyle  
CONTACT: Susan Hunter 949.295.0206

  • YATA Chair – Luis Saldivar
  • YATA Chair – Shauna Johnson
  • LATU – Susan Hunter
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