Midwest CEO's Secret & Growing Midwest Rub Recipe Acquired by Ragin' Cajun® for $0
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The CEO of Midwest Drycast, Jon Schemmel, released his growingly famous recipe for use & publishing by Ragin Cajun®. They say putting the "Ragin Cajun® Midwest Rub" on a Ribeye is like doubling down on a bet you've already won.

BROUSSARD, La. - CuisineWire -- The Midwest is famous for meat & now a new caffeinated Cajun rub recipe for steak, pork & more.  More importantly is how the new "Ragin' Cajun® Midwest Rub" tastes (AWESOME) & how to make it:

1. Buy Steak, Ribeye preferred.  Other meats good too - NY Strip, Pork, Chicken etc
2. Cover Steak on both sides with Olive Oil and Sea Salt
3. Let sit for 2 Hours
4.  Prepare the Rub: 1 part Ragin' Cajun ® seasoning, 1 part Ground Coffee, 1 part Brown Sugar, 1/2 part Old Bay, 1/2 part Garlic Powder, 1/2 part Cavender's Greek Seasoning.
5.  Spread the Ragin' Cajun® Midwest Rub by hand generously on all sides of the meat

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6.  Let sit for 1 hour
7.  Grill the steaks!  Make sure to sear it at the very beginning on both sides on high heat.  Best served medium rare.
8.  Eat
9.  Sleep
10. Wake up & brew any left over coffee
11. Go to http://www.ragincajunfoods.com/cajun_seasonings.htm & buy more seasoning
12.  Repeat another day.

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