Preserving Levantine Culinary Traditions: Loumies Invites Community Support to Reopen in Ithaca
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ITHACA, N.Y. - CuisineWire -- Loumies, the beloved restaurant known for preserving the rich culinary traditions of Lebanon and Palestine, is seeking community support to reopen its doors and share the vibrant flavors of the Levant. Led by Chef and Entrepreneur Rania Chidiac Kaldi, Loumies remains steadfast in delivering exceptional dining experiences and fostering connections within the community.

During an unforeseen health emergency, Loumies temporarily closed its doors to prioritize the well-being of its business partner and co-founder, Rania Chidiac Kaldi's husband. He underwent a life-saving liver transplant operation in New York City, which was successful. However, the road to full recovery requires time and resilience. With the target of reopening in January 2024, Loumies aims to serve the Ithaca community and share the cultural heritage of the region once again.

"At Loumies, we are dedicated to preserving the rich culinary traditions of Lebanon and Palestine, which are the heart and soul of our restaurant," said Rania Chidiac Kaldi, founder of Loumies. "We believe in the power of food to bring people together, celebrate diverse cultures, and create a profound sense of community."

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To support Loumies in its reopening journey, the restaurant has launched a GoFundMe campaign ( The contributions received will cover essential costs and ensure the continuation of exceptional dining experiences rooted in the vibrant flavors of the Levant.

Loumies presents a unique culinary experience by curating traditional recipes from Lebanon and Palestine. The Levant region, with its diverse and complex history, has been a cultural melting pot for centuries, resulting in a rich and varied cuisine. Elevated by the abundance of vegetation nurtured by the region's favorable climate, the culinary offerings reflect not only rich flavors but also provide the benefits of a healthy and nutritious Mediterranean diet.

To make a donation and join the Loumies community in their reopening efforts, please visit the official Loumies GoFundMe page Every contribution brings us one step closer to reopening our doors and continuing to share the vibrant flavors of the Levant with the Ithaca community.

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