Rao Confections Introduces Balanced Bakes
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Break free from restrictions and enjoy wholesome goodness!

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - CuisineWire -- BALANCED BAKES is a bakery that specializes in crafting exceptional sugar-free, low-carb, and gluten-free cakes, cupcakes, and protein bites. Our creations are not only delectable but also rich in protein and composed of wholesome ingredients that contribute to a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Our founder, Priyanka Rao, struggled with hormonal health. During her search for solutions to alleviate her symptoms, she discovered the immense power of glucose management in positively impacting overall health, including hormonal stabilization, weight management, insulin resistance, gut health, and even radiant skin.

At BALANCED BAKES, we firmly believe food is not just nourishment; it is an integral part of celebration, collaboration, and building a sense of community.  Our entire menu is specially crafted to be low-carb and gluten-free.  We use good-for-you ingredients to create baked goods that taste delicious, satisfying, and above all inclusive for all the health needs of all individuals.

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At BALANCED BAKES, we prioritize maintaining balanced blood sugar levels in promoting long-term health benefits –
  • Support hormonal balance and endocrine health.
  • Enhance insulin sensitivity and maintaining control in overall metabolic health.
  • Boost energy levels by keeping blood sugar levels balanced.
  • Enhance skin radiance by regulating androgen levels.
  • Reduce cravings making it easier to resist unhealthy food temptations.
  • Promote mental well-being & emotional balance.

BALANCED BAKES is a registered trademark of Rao Confections headquartered in Prairie Village, Kansas.  It was founded by Priyanka Rao in 2023 to meet the needs of those impacted by diabetes, celiac disease, hormonal imbalance, weight management, and ingredient sensitivities.

Learn more about our sugar-free, gluten-free, delectable baked goods at http://www.balancedbakes.com.

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