Rebuilding a Positive Relationship with Food and Body Can Help Repair and Change the Negative Impact Created by Diet Culture
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Intuitive Eating and Body Image Coaching Practice Opens
at the Bridge Healing Arts Center in Farmington, Conn

FARMINGTON, Conn. - CuisineWire -- You're flawed if you aren't a certain shape and size. That's the message society and culture teach us from an early age. If you have bought into this myth and felt out of control trying to obtain a certain size, you can unlearn and free yourself from diet culture myths to live life on your own terms. That's the focus of Live Free or Diet® by Elizabeth Hall Coaching, an intuitive eating and body image practice that has opened at the Bridge Healing Arts Center in Farmington, Conn.

"I knew diets didn't work for me, but I had no idea what to do next," says Kathryn Hecht, Executive Director, Alexander Valley Film Society, who adopted the practice of Live Free or Diet®. "Elizabeth introduced me to body trust and intuitive eating. My life was transformed. I came out from underneath the weight of 40 years of dieting, diet culture, shame and fat-phobia. I needed permission from someone who knew more than me, and I got it. Elizabeth made space for a lot of tears, self-hatred, doubt, and ultimately, emergence."

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Too many people believe that dieting will solve their problems, when in reality, dieting distracts people from living fuller lives. Live Free or Diet® coaching services help people learn how to be resilient to the pressures of living in a world that values unattainable ideals, and to stop harmful behaviors for future generations.

Society Created a False Health Issue
"From an early age, I wholeheartedly bought into the diet culture myth and believed that I needed to 'fix' myself," says Elizabeth Hall, CPC, ELI-MP, of Elizabeth Hall Coaching. "Yet, the harder I tried to control my food, the more out of control I became. This myth held my life and body hostage for three decades until I learned to free myself from it by embracing the science of intuitive eating. I am healing, supporting other people as they free themselves from diet culture and offering shelter to people struggling with food and body anxiety."

No evidence exists to unequivocally declare that losing weight (or achieving a body mass index/BMI) makes a person healthier. People present in different body shapes for many reasons. Other factors are more important to health than weight.

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Peace with Food and Body is Possible
Learn more about the science of intuitive eating: Download a free workbook and follow the Live Free or Diet® blog at Schedule a free, virtual 30-minute consult at

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