Restaurant Movie Changes Focus To Aid Workers
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Covid-19 has destroyed the restaurant industry as we know it. A benefit restaurant movie could raise money to help people who have been affected.

HIGH RIVER, Alberta - CuisineWire -- "Did I Say Thousand Island?"  was made 15 years ago by a waitress. Tired of the way restaurant workers as a whole were portrayed in media, she was inspired to make a fun and positive movie as a tribute to the restaurant industry and the life she loved for over 30 years. She wanted to get a message out to the public.

It worked, because this no budget movie made by someone without any movie knowledge, experience or resources has been seen in every country in the world: spread simply by word of mouth. Premiered in 2007, it was still being added to movie sites in 2018, and continues to be viewed. "It's all over the internet on viewing and streaming sites and in places I never knew existed." she said.

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"I made this movie for restaurant people, and now I want to use it to help them. Working in restaurants is a great life and millions of people love it, but it's gone for a while." Her idea is to use this movie to raise money to go into non-profits who are helping restaurant people affected by Covid-19.

People have been telling me for years that I need to remake "Did I Say Thousand Island?" so more people will see it. I'm not a film maker, nor do I want to get into that business", says Patti DiVita, who now is a big rig trucker: which was her long time dream. "But if the right people in the film industry found out about this successful movie, and saw the potential in a remake, it could be used to help." Visit

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